6.20.060   Bees.
   (a)   Except in the agricultural zone or open space declared area, no person shall keep or maintain in the city any hive of bees without the written consent of the adjacent neighbors who reside there, whether owners or tenants. Any person who keeps or maintains any hive of bees shall also comply with the following conditions:
   (1)   Except in the agricultural zone or the open space declared area, no more than two hives can be maintained on any one lot or parcel of land.
   (2)   No hive shall be kept or maintained within twenty-five feet of any property line of the lot or parcel of land upon which it is situated.
   (3)   "Front property line," for the purpose of subsection (a)(2) of this section, is defined as the sidewalk boundary farthest from the street.
(Ord. 3983 § 14, 1990: Ord. 1857 (part), 1959: prior code § 18.43)