6.20.040   Nuisances by animals.
   It is unlawful for the owner or person having custody of any dog or other animal to permit, either wilfully or through failure to exercise due care or control, any such dog or animal to commit any act constituting a nuisance as defined under Part Three of Division 4 of the California Civil Code and as such part may hereafter be amended, upon the sidewalk of any public street; or upon any walkway, path, grass or play area of any park or school; or upon the floor of any common hall in any apartment house, condominium complex, or any other community housing project, hotel or other multiple dwelling, or upon any entranceway, stairway or wall immediately abutting on a public sidewalk, or upon the floor of any theater, shop, store, office building or other building used in common by the public; or upon the floor or stairway of any depot or station or public waiting room; or upon any floor, stairway, entranceway, office lobby, foyer, patio or any other area used in common by the public.
(Ord. 3983 § 13, 1990: Ord. 2770 § 3, 1974: prior code § 18.13)