4.57.110   Permit - Hearing.
   (a)   Any person whose application for a permit has been denied, or whose permit has been revoked pursuant to the provision of this chapter, shall have the right to a hearing before the chief of police prior to final denial or prior to revocation.
   (b)   The chief of police shall give the applicant or permittee written notice of his or her intent to deny the application or to revoke the permit. The notice shall set forth the ground or grounds for the chief of police's intent to deny the application or to revoke the permit, and shall inform the applicant or permittee that he or she has ten days from the date of receipt of the notice to file a written request for a hearing. The application may be denied or the permit revoked if a written hearing request is not received within the ten-day period.
   (c)   If the applicant or permittee files a timely hearing request, the chief of police shall set a time and place for the hearing. All parties involved shall have the right to offer testimony, documentary and tangible evidence bearing on the issues, to be represented by counsel, and to confront and cross-examine any witnesses against them. The decision of the chief of police whether to deny the application or revoke the permit is final and nonappealable.
(Ord. 4351 § 2 (part), 1996)