4.57.090   Permit - Conditions.
   (a)   Any permits issued pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to all of the following conditions, the breach of any of which shall be sufficient cause for revocation of the permit by the chief of police:
   (1)   The business shall be engaged-in only in the building located at the street address designated in the permit, and only by such persons as specified in the permit; the business may also be engaged-in at such other locations or events as are authorized by federal and state law provided that such location or event conforms to the requirements of this code; any changes to the approved location or to the persons authorized to act as officers, employees, or agents of the permittee in engaging in the business during the term of the permit must be approved by the chief of police;
   (2)   The permit or a copy thereof, certified by the chief of police, shall be displayed on the premises where it can easily be seen;
   (3)   The permittee shall comply with all federal and state firearms laws.
   Any permit issued pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to such additional conditions as the chief of police finds are reasonably related to the purposes of this chapter.
(Ord. 4351 § 2 (part), 1996)