2.30.020   Scope.
   (a)   Contracts for public works construction, general services and professional services, information technology services, wholesale utility commodities and services and other energy related contracts, and contracts, price quotations or purchase orders for goods, materials, equipment and supplies shall be solicited and awarded pursuant to the procedures contained in this chapter.
   (b)   The solicitation and award policies, procedures and requirements contained in this chapter shall not apply to the following:
   (1)   Subdivision agreements, improvement agreements, deferred parking agreements, development agreements and other land use contracts entered into between the city and property owners or developers pursuant to other parts of this municipal code;
   (2)   Franchises and franchise agreements;
   (3)   Contracts between the city and other public entities and public utilities for the city’s provision of services to the other entities and utilities;
   (4)   Transactions involving the acquisition, assignment and disposal of interests in real property; and
   (5)   Agreements to provide funds pursuant to the human services resource allocation process or community development block grant program.
(Ord. 5494 § 5, 2020: Ord. 5387 § 1 (part), 2016: Ord. 4827 § 1 (part), 2004)