2.18.070   Jurisdiction.
   (a)   Art in Public Places. The public art commission shall perform the duties and shall have the responsibilities specified in Chapter 2.26 of this title.
   (b)   Additional Duties. The public art commission shall perform such other duties and undertake such other responsibilities as the city council may direct from time to time.
   (c)   Interaction with Other City Bodies. If the functions of the public art commission overlap the functions of another city committee, commission, board, task force, or the like, the director of arts and culture, in cooperation with the public art commission and such other city body, shall devise a procedure for coordinating such functions to avoid duplication of efforts, to maximize cooperation between the city bodies, and to utilize the expertise of the various city bodies in a manner most compatible with the public welfare.
   (d)   Interaction with City Departments. The chief building official shall determine whether a proposed work of art is a mural or a sign under Section 16.20.011(a)(10) of this code prior to review by the public art commission.
(Ord. 3930 § 24, 1990: Ord. 3888 § 1 (part), 1989)