2.11.040   Administration and regulations.
   (a)   The city may from time to time adopt rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Chapter 2.11 consistent with DIVCA.
   (b)   The cable coordinator is hereby authorized to administer this Chapter 2.11 and to provide or cause to be provided any notices (including noncompliance notices) and to take any action on behalf of the city that may be required under this Chapter 2.11, DIVCA, or under applicable law.
   (c)   The failure of the city, upon one or more occasions, to exercise a right or to require compliance or performance under this Chapter 2.11 or any other applicable law shall not be deemed to constitute a waiver of such right or a waiver of compliance or performance, unless such right has been specifically waived in writing or its exercise by the city is not permitted by DIVCA.
   (d)   The city may designate one or more entities, including itself, to control and manage the use of PEG access channels, and any PEG facilities and equipment (in addition to any other communications service equipment or facilities) owned, controlled or used by the city or the designated entity or entities.
(Ord. 4945 § 7, 2007)