2.10.280   Rate regulation.
   (a)   The city may regulate any of a franchisee's rates and charges to the full extent permitted by law. The city will regulate rates in accordance with FCC rules and regulations, where applicable. Except to the extent FCC rules provide otherwise, all rates and charges that are subject to regulation, and changes in those rates or charges must be approved in advance. The cable coordinator may take any required steps to file complaints, toll rates, issue accounting orders or take any other steps required to comply with FCC regulations. The council shall be responsible for issuing rate orders that establish rates or order refunds.
   (b)   Except to the extent the city may not enforce such a requirement, a franchisee is prohibited from discriminating in its rates, charges, services, or terms of services, and from granting undue preferences to any subscriber, potential subscriber, group of subscribers or potential group of subscribers; provided, however, that a franchisee may offer temporary, bona fide promotional discounts in order to attract or maintain subscribers, so long as such discounts are offered on a non-discriminatory basis to similar classes of subscribers throughout the franchise area; and a franchisee may offer discounts for the elderly, the disabled, or the economically disadvantaged, and such other discounts as it is expressly entitled to provide under federal law, if such discounts are applied in a uniform and consistent manner.
   (c)   A franchisee shall not deny access or charge different rates to any group of subscribers or potential subscribers because of the income of the residents of the local area in which such group resides.
(Ord. 4636 § 25, 2000)