2.10.110   Other records.
   (a)   Unless the cable coordinator waives the requirement, a franchisee shall for a period of five years at all times maintain:
   (1)   Records of all complaints received, their nature and resolution. The term "complaints" refers to complaints about any aspect of the franchisee's operations;
   (2)   Records of outages known to the franchisee, their cause and duration;
   (3)   Records of service calls for repair and maintenance indicating the date and time service was requested, the date of acknowledgment and date and time service was scheduled (if it was scheduled), and the date and time service was provided (whether or not a resolution of the complaint was achieved), and (if different) the date and time the problem was solved;
   (4)   Records of installation and reconnection and requests for service extension, indicating the date of request, the date of acknowledgment, and the date and time that service was extended; and
   (5)   Records sufficient to show whether the franchisee has complied with each customer service standard that applies to it.
(Ord. 4636 § 12, 2000)