2.10.090   Reports.
   (a)   The cable coordinator may from time to time direct a franchisee to prepare reports related to monitoring or enforcing a franchisee's compliance with this chapter or a franchisee's franchise and to submit those reports by a date certain, in a format prescribed by the city manager, in addition to those required by this chapter.
   (b)   Unless the cable coordinator grants an exemption, within forty-five days of the end of each quarter, a franchisee shall submit a report to the city containing the following information:
   (1)   The number of service calls (calls requiring a truck roll) received during the prior quarter and the percentage of service calls compared to the subscriber base; and
   (2)   The total estimated hours of known outages as a percentage of total hours of operation. The term "outage" means a loss of sound or video on any signal, or a significant deterioration of any signal affecting two or more subscribers.
   (c)   Unless the cable coordinator grants an exemption, no later than ninety days after the end of its fiscal year, a franchisee shall submit the following information:
   (1)   A fully audited or certified revenue report from the preceding calendar year for the cable communications system, and a certified statement setting forth the computation of gross revenues used to calculate the franchise fee for the preceding year and a detailed explanation of the method of computation showing: (i) gross revenues by category (including, but not limited to, basic, pay, pay-per-view, advertising, installation, equipment, late charges, miscellaneous, other); and (ii) the deductions, if any, that were made from gross revenues in calculating the franchise fee (including, but not limited to, bad debt, credits and refunds), and the amount of each deduction;
   (2)   A report showing, for each applicable customer service standard, the franchisee's performance with respect to that standard for each quarter of the preceding year. In each case where the franchisee or the cable coordinator concludes that the franchisee did not comply fully, the franchisee will describe the corrective actions it is taking to assure future compliance. In addition, the report should identify the number and nature of the customer service complaints received and an explanation of their dispositions;
   (3)   A report showing the number of linear feet of public rights-of-way occupied by the franchisee's system, the total number of the franchisee's subscribers, and the total number of the franchisee's basic service subscribers and subscribers for each tier of cable programming service offered; and
   (4)   An ownership report, indicating the number and names of all persons whom at the time of filing control or own an interest in the franchisee of ten percent or more of the outstanding voting securities of the franchisee.
   (d)   Within ten days of their receipt or (in the case of documents created by the franchisee or its affiliate) filing, a franchisee shall provide the city:
   (1)   Any notices of deficiency or forfeiture related to the operation of the system; and
   (2)   Any requests for protection under bankruptcy laws, or any judgment related to a declaration of bankruptcy by the franchisee or by any partnership or corporation that owns or controls, directly or indirectly, the franchisee.
(Ord. 4636 § 10, 2000)