2.10.080   Books and records.
   (a)   Each franchisee shall provide the city access to books and records related, in whole or in part, to the construction, operation, maintenance or repair of the cable communications system, or a group of systems of which the system is a part, so that the city may inspect and copy those books and records, including those that relate to the monitoring or enforcement of a franchisee's compliance with this chapter or a franchisee's franchise. The records shall include, but are not limited to, revenue records, and other records related to compliance with any provision of this chapter or a franchise. A franchisee shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining the necessary possession or control of all such books and records, so that it can produce the documents upon request. Books and records shall be maintained for a period of five years, except that a franchise may specify a shorter period for certain categories of voluminous books and records where the information contained therein can be derived simply from other materials. The phrase "books and records" shall be read expansively to include information in whatever formats the same may be stored.
   (b)   Books and records requested shall be produced to the city by a time and at a location in the city designated by the cable coordinator. However, if the requested books and records are too voluminous, or for security reasons cannot be copied and moved, then the franchisee may request that the inspection take place at some other location mutually agreed to by the city and the franchisee, provided that (1) the franchisee shall make necessary arrangements for copying documents selected by the city after its review; and (2) the franchisee shall pay all travel and additional copying expenses incurred by the city (above those that would have been incurred had the documents been produced in the city) in inspecting those documents or having those documents inspected by its designee.
(Ord. 4636 § 9, 2000)