4.34.030   Application for and granting of permit.
   (a)   No permit to grant a sale as defined herein shall be granted except upon written application to the chief of police, signed and verified before a person authorized to administer oaths, by the person who intends to conduct such sale, and each application shall set forth and contain the following information:
   (1)   Description, by street location, and kind of building of the location at which the sale is to be held;
   (2)   The nature of the occupancy, whether by ownership, lease or sublease, and if by lease or sublease, the effective date of the termination of such tenancy;
   (3)   A copy of all advertisements proposed to be used in connection with such sale, and a statement of the means or methods of advertising to be used in advertising such sale;
   (4)   The facts in regard to the insurance, bankruptcy, insolvency, assignment, mortgage foreclosure, administration, receivership, trusteeship, removal, executorship removal, or other cause advertised to be the reason for the proposed sale;
   (5)   An inventory or statement, in such form and in such detail as the chief of police may require, setting forth the amount and description of goods, wares and merchandise to be sold at such sale and, when required by the chief of police, the date of acquisition of such goods, wares or merchandise, and the persons from whom obtained and the place from which said goods were last taken.
   (b)   The chief of police may require that all goods, wares and merchandise listed upon the inventory or statement shall be so described in detail by manufacturer's name and lot number, the individual number of articles so numbered, colors, sizes and otherwise, that the identity of such goods with the goods listed on such inventory can be readily determined.
   (c)   Upon the filing of the application, the chief of police may make or cause to be made an examination, audit or investigation of the applicant and his affairs, in relation to the proposed sale.
   (d)   If the chief of police finds that the statements in the application are true, that the inventory is complete, that the advertising set forth is not false, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading in any respect, and that the methods to be used by the applicant in conducting the sale are not such as, in the opinion of the chief of police, will work a fraud upon the purchasers, the chief of police shall issue to the applicant a permit to conduct such sale in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, otherwise, the chief of police shall deny the application and refuse the permit. The chief of police may refuse a permit because of the insufficiency of the information set forth in the application, but in such event the chief of police shall grant the applicant permission to file an amended application.
   (e)   No application for any such permit shall be accepted by the chief of police for filing unless accompanied by a filing fee as set forth in the municipal fee schedule, no part of which shall be refundable.
   (f)   Each permit issued under the provisions of this chapter shall have printed, written or stamped on the face thereof the following:
   "This permit is granted by the chief of police of the city of Palo Alto and accepted by the permittee upon the condition that such permittee comply with and abide by all the provisions of Chapter 4.34 of Palo Alto Municipal Code," with a line thereunder for signature by the permittee and a witness.
   (g)   At the time of the delivery of the permit, such statement must be signed by the permittee in the presence of an employee of the city who shall sign as a witness.
(Ord. 2960 § 18, 1976: Ord. 1611 (part), 1955: prior code § 4.23)