2.26.060   City council review of artistic matters in the visual art in public places program.
   (a)   Recognizing that professional expertise is necessary and desirable in artistic matters, such as the selection of artists for a project, the selection of particular works of art, and the approval of designs and plans for works of art under the visual art in public places program, it is a policy that:
   (1)   Decisions on artistic matters will be made by city staff and the public art commission;
   (2)   The city council will not exercise its independent judgment on artistic matters unless the city council requests that the matter be agendized for its review;
   (3)   Unless the city council determines to exercise its independent judgment as provided above, sketches, designs, photographs, precise plans, art examples, and similar items on artistic matters will not be transmitted to the city council as a matter of course in conjunction with projects before the city council;
   (4)   The city council will refer questions, suggestions, requests, complaints, and similar items pertaining to the visual art in public places program to city staff and the public art commission for their review and response.
(Ord. 3888 § 7, 1989: Ord. 2892 § 2 (part), 1975)