2.22.060   Authority.
   Upon making a finding pursuant to Section 2.22.050(a), the commission may act as follows:
   (a)   To foster public awareness and understanding of human relations problems by any means of disseminating information including, but not limited to, educational programs and printed and electronic media;
   (b)   To facilitate resolution of problems or improvement of conditions within the jurisdiction of the commission by encouragement, persuasion and mediation and by pointing out private or public agencies which might provide assistance;
   (c)   To make such studies which, in the judgment of the commission, might aid in affecting matters within the jurisdiction of the commission;
   (d)   To recommend local legislation or other action to the council and to encourage the council to support or oppose state or federal legislation or regulation relating to matters within the jurisdiction of the commission;
   (e)   To coordinate programs of the commission with similar programs by private and public agencies and organizations; and
   (f)   To recommend or oppose legislation other than that of the city, provided that the city council has not taken an official position with respect to such legislation, and provided further that any communication, whether oral or written, from the commission concerning such legislation clearly indicates that such recommendation or opposition is that of the commission and is not necessarily that of the city council.
(Ord. 2924 § 2, 1976: Ord. 2813 § 2, 1974)