2.22.030   Officers, meetings and procedures.
   (a)   The commission shall elect one of its members chairperson who shall hold office for one year and until a successor is elected unless the chairperson’s term as a member of the commission sooner expires.
   (b)   The Human Relations Commission shall establish a regular time, date and place of meeting and shall ordinarily hold meetings monthly. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or by any three members of the commission upon personal notice being given to all members or by written notice being mailed to each member twenty-four hours prior to such meeting unless such notice requirement is waived in writing.
   (c)   Three of the five members shall constitute a quorum and the affirmative votes of a majority of members present are required to take any action.
   (d)   The commission may establish ad hoc committees of two commission members for advisory and investigative purposes. The commission shall, by majority vote, appoint members of ad hoc committees.
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