16.42.010   Purpose.
   It is found and declared that in the event of a strong or moderate local earthquake, loss of life or serious injury may result from damage to or collapse of buildings in Palo Alto. It is generally acknowledged that Palo Alto will experience earthquakes in the future due to its proximity to both the San Andreas and Hayward faults. The purpose of this chapter is to promote public safety by identifying those buildings in Palo Alto which exhibit structural deficiencies and by accurately determining the severity and extent of those deficiencies in relation to their potential for causing loss of life or injury. The city council finds it desirable to identify the hazards that these deficiencies may pose to occupants of buildings and pedestrians in the event of an earthquake. Such a seismic hazards identification program is consistent with California Health and Safety Code Sections 19160 - 19169 and is necessary to implement the Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan's Environmental Resources Policy 14, Program 47.
(Ord. 3666 § 1 (part), 1986)