A.   Purpose: The purpose of this section is to provide a procedure for the efficient removal of snow from the city streets; to establish snow routes; to allow or prohibit parking on designated city streets; and to establish the procedure for removal of vehicles in violation of parking prohibitions.
   B.   Removal Of Snow Procedure:
      1.   The city will begin snowplowing or ice removal after it has stopped snowing or sleeting. However, at the discretion of city officials, plowing of emergency routes may begin after sufficient notice has been provided as outlined in this section. This section establishes the following priority for clearing city streets:
         a.   The emergency route;
         b.   The streets and intersections;
         c.   The alleys; and
         d.   The parks.
      2.   The snowplowing may create a snow pile in driveways that cannot be prevented. The city is not responsible for the removal of this snow. Property owners should act responsibly as to the removal of snow piled in their driveways by the city plows and should not push the snow back into the city streets where it will create a hazard as a compacted and frozen snow or ice patch.
      3.   Sanding of icy streets will begin at the city's discretion and sanding also may follow the plowing of snow from the streets.
   C.   Declaration Of Winter Weather Emergency:
      1.   A declaration of a winter weather emergency will be made by city officials on the basis of falling snow, sleet, freezing rain or a forecast by the weather bureau of other weather conditions that make it necessary for motor vehicle traffic, including emergency vehicles, to be expedited. Parking on certain streets will be prohibited or restricted for snowplowing or sanding purposes.
      2.   An emergency declaration will take effect not earlier than four (4) hours after it is declared, except if it is declared after eight o'clock (8:00) P.M., it will take effect at twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight. City officials will give a written declaration to the city clerk that states the beginning and ending time for the emergency declaration. The declaration may be canceled or changed by the same procedure. The city clerk must inform area radio and television stations and local newspapers as delineated by resolution of the city council and will ask for a public service announcement. The city officials must post signs on all "emergency routes" so designated by resolution of the city council. "Emergency routes" will be posted at approximately two (2) block intervals as is possible along the emergency route. Public announcement method and "emergency routes" may be designated and changed by resolution of the city council from time to time as deemed necessary.
   D.   Parking Restricted During Winter Weather Emergency; Violation:
      1.   In order to provide an emergency route during winter storms, certain streets will be designated "emergency routes" by resolution of the city council. Designated "emergency routes" will be the first streets to be cleared.
      2.   Vehicles may park only on the odd numbered side of the street on odd days of the month after twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight. On even numbered days, all other parking regulations and prohibitions remain in effect.
      3.   Any vehicle found to be parked where not permitted during a declaration of emergency as described in this subsection or subsection C of this section, may be towed. Towing costs will be assessed to the owner of the vehicle towed.
      4.   During a winter weather emergency, there will be no parking allowed on either side of any winter weather emergency route. This restriction will continue until the city lifts the winter weather emergency.
   E.   Penalty: The city may elect, at its sole discretion, to prosecute any violation either as simple misdemeanor or a municipal infraction. (Ord. 2010-02, 11-9-2010)