A.   Squealing Tires: No person shall operate a motor vehicle upon the streets, alleys, or highways of the city, and no owner of the motor vehicle shall permit or allow the operation of a motor vehicle in such a manner, or by such a method, as to cause the tires on said motor vehicle to make any loud, raucous squealing, screeching noise, or other sounds caused by excessive acceleration from a stopped position, or while a vehicle is in motion, or by deceleration while a vehicle is in motion.
   B.   Exceptions:
      1.   This section shall not apply to any noises or sounds caused by the tires of motor vehicles when the vehicle is engaged in an emergency situation where it is necessary to accelerate or stop the vehicle immediately or suddenly in order to avoid contact with another motor vehicle, or with a pedestrian, as long as the emergency situation is not that of the owner's making.
      2.   This section shall not apply to authorized peace officers, fire and emergency vehicles authorized by the state as such special mobile equipment. (Ord. 22, 9-1-1970)