It shall be unlawful to commit any of the following acts:
   A.   Throw any projectile from any sling, catapult, or air gun or shoot an arrow with any bow or crossbow upon any street, alley or other public place.
   B.   For any person, or vehicle meeting another, on any street or sidewalk to refuse to give one-half (1/2) of the street or sidewalk so as to allow an uninterrupted passage of such person or vehicle.
   C.   Place or allow to remain upon any street, alley or sidewalk for a longer period of time than twenty four (24) hours, any boxes or equipment used in a trade or business.
   D.   Place upon or suffer to be placed upon any sidewalk any goods, wares or merchandise, for sale or for show, or to suspend the same in any manner over the sidewalk so as to interfere in any manner with the free and uninterrupted passage of the sidewalk by pedestrians, and in no case shall more than two feet (2') of the sidewalk next to the building be occupied for such purposes.
   E.   Keep open any cellar door, grating or cover to any vault or fail properly to protect, or guard all openings on or within six feet (6') of any street, alley, sidewalk or highway.
   F.   Erect or maintain awnings, unless all parts of the same be elevated at least seven feet (7') above the upper surface of the sidewalk and the roof or covering made of duck, canvas or other suitable material supported by iron frames or brackets firmly and securely fastened to the building, without any posts or other device that will obstruct the sidewalk, or hinder or interfere with the free passage of pedestrians thereon.
   G.   Erect or keep any stand for the sale of fruit, vegetables, or other substances or commodities on any sidewalk, street, or alley, or use or occupy any part of a street or alley with any vehicle for the sale therefrom of any article without written permission from the mayor.
   H.   Scatter waste or place paste, paint or writing on any sidewalk.
   I.   Leave any paper removed or coming from billboards on any street or sidewalk, or scatter show bills, handbills or other advertising on the sidewalk, streets or alleys.
   J.   Throw, place or deposit or cause or permit to be thrown, placed or deposited, any glass, nails, or other sharp substances, ashes, straw, paper, sweepings, brush, weeds, spoiled fruit or vegetables, refuse, or rubbish of any kind upon any sidewalk, street, alley, highway, gutter, drain or public ground.
   K.   Throw, place or deposit or cause or permit to be thrown, placed or deposited upon any street, alley or highway or into any gutter or drain, or upon any lot, park or ground, any paper, hay, straw, leaves, shavings, waste, excelsior, boards or other inflammable substances without causing the same to be burned. (Ord. 19, 7-21-1970)