It shall be unlawful to commit any of the following acts:
   A.   Start, maintain or allow a fire of any kind on any street surface.
   B.   Hinder or obstruct the making or repairing of any public improvements or work.
   C.   Remove or cause to be removed any dirt, sand, stone, rock, tree, shrub, plank, sidewalk, or fence from any street, alley, highway, lot or ground belonging to the city without permission from the council.
   D.   Dig into or in any manner break any sidewalk, curb, pavement, street, alley, or public ground, without replacing the same in as good a condition as found.
   E.   Tear down, deface or destroy any house number, street sign or other sign.
   F.   Knock down, remove or destroy any barricade erected by authority of the city council or city officer on any street or part of street to protect persons or animals on and using the same, or drive on or over any curb or parking to pass around the same.
   G.   Tear down or destroy any resolution, order, ordinance, advertisement or official notice posted by order of the city council or any public officer or by the person entitled to possession of the property.
   H.   Deface, mark or in any way injure or meddle with any fire hydrant, valve or other appurtenance of the waterworks system, or attempt to work or operate them without authority.
   I.   Make any connection with the waterworks system, unless the person making the connection is a licensed plumber or other person designated by the council acting under a permit issued by the proper authority.
   J.   Make, or cause to be made, any excavation in any street, alley or highway for the purpose of laying any drain, water or sewer connection, without first obtaining a permit for the same.
   K.   Make or attempt to make any connection with the waterworks system without first obtaining a permit for the same.
   L.   Fail or neglect to keep trees or branches therefrom from falling into or in any manner damaging electric light, telephone or other wires, while the same is being cut down or removed.
   M.   Break, deface, injure or destroy or assist in breaking, defacing, injuring or destroying any tree, building, bridge, pavement, or other property belonging to or controlled by the city.
   N.   Sweep, throw, cast or lay ashes, garbage, cinders, straw, paper, dirt, filth, or rubbish of any kind whatsoever, or garbage in or upon any street or public place, vacant lot, or plot, except where ashes or dirt may be used for filling a lot or plot under the direction of the public works director.
   O.   Paste, write, print, stamp, nail or affix to any building, erection, fence, tree, lamppost, sidewalk, telephone, telegraph or other pole, or to any other improvement, any poster, show bill, handbill, or other printed notice or sign. (Ord. 19, 7-21-1970)