A.   Purpose: The purpose of this section is to define and prohibit disorderly conduct within the corporate limits of the city.
   B.   Definitions: For use within this section, the following words are defined:
    CITY: Includes all of that area now within the corporate limits of the city of Oxford, Iowa, and further includes such areas as may be annexed in the future and at such time as they legally become a part of the corporate limits of the city of Oxford, Iowa.
   PERSON: Includes any individual, association of individuals, group of individuals, and including an organized or unorganized group of individuals.
   C.   Prohibited Acts: For purposes of this section, the following act or acts are deemed disorderly conduct and no person shall, within the limits of the city, commit such act or acts; and further, no person shall allow such act or acts to be committed within or upon any house or premises owned by him, or occupied or controlled by him:
      1.   Disturb the peace of any person or persons, or provoke a breach of peace, or use any unseemly profane, indecent or obscene language, or be guilty of any violent or offensive conduct or assault, beat or strike another or make or cause to be made loud noises of any nature which may disturb or annoy any persons in the vicinity.
      2.   Permit or allow in any house, apartment, hotel, motel building or room, therein controlled by him, any drunkenness, lewd or obscene or indecent conduct or behavior, or permit lewd or disreputable persons, either male or female, together, and be entertained with food or drink on such premises.
      3.   Conduct himself in a lewd, indecent or immoral way, or engage with another person or persons in any boisterous, offensive conduct which is shocking or degrading to the public morals and decency.
      4.   Accost, address offensive remarks to, pester, or attempt to force any company upon any other person with whom he is unacquainted, or acts in an otherwise offensive manner toward such person on the streets or in any public place within the city.
      5.   Obstruct or encumber any street corner or other public place by loafing or lounging in or about the same after being requested to move on by any peace officer and, further, no person shall at any time, without proper authority, remove, alter, or change in any manner any street traffic or obstruction signs or other city or publicly owned property. (Ord. 23, 9-1-1970)