It shall be unlawful to commit any of the following acts:
   A.   Disturb the peace of any street, alley, public ground, religious or public assembly, public or private building or any neighborhood, private family or person, by loud or disagreeable noise, or by indecent, profane or obscene language, conversation or conduct, or by quarreling, assaulting, fighting, or by any other means.
   B.   Join any group or company of persons on any sidewalk or street so as to obstruct the free passage thereon, or the entrance to any public building, place of business or church.
   C.   Give a false alarm of fire or a false call for police or, without reasonable cause therefor, call for the service of any police officer, peace officer, or member of the fire department.
   D.   Refuse to assist any police officer or peace officer in making any arrest when thereto lawfully required by any peace officer or police officer, and no person shall rescue, or take from the custody of any police officer or peace officer nor prevent the arrest of any person, nor resist, oppose, obstruct or impede any member of the police force or peace officers in the discharge of his duty.
   E.   Falsely claim or represent to be an officer or, without authority, exercise or attempt to exercise any of the duties, functions or powers of an officer.
   F.   Discharge any cannon, gun, pistol, revolver, or firearm of any description, without first having obtained permission in writing from the mayor, unless the person doing the same is an officer acting within the duties of his office.
   G.   Carry any concealed weapon, either revolver, pistol, razor, dirk, knife, metal knuckles or other dangerous weapon.
   H.   Be concerned with, or join or participate in, any assemblage, meeting, concert, parade, procession or other exercise or display upon any street, alley, highway or public ground without written permit issued to one or more of the participants thereof by the mayor. (Ord. 19, 7-21-1970)