It shall be unlawful to commit any of the following acts:
   A.   Be, or be found, in a state of intoxication.
   B.   Be, or be found, in a state of vagrancy.
   C.   Maintain, keep or operate any building or place where intoxicating liquor is illegally kept, sold or given away.
   D.   Publicly, or in the hearing of others, curse, swear, or use profane, blasphemous, obscene, abusive or vulgar language.
   E.   Make any personal or insulting remark to or about anyone passing along the street or sidewalk.
   F.   Appear on any street or in a public place in a state of nudity or in any indecent or obscene dress.
   G.   Make any indecent exposure of the person, or commit any indecent or lewd act.
   H.   Sell or offer for sale any indecent, lewd or obscene book, picture, publication or thing.
   I.   Perform or present any indecent, immoral or obscene play, picture, publication or thing.
   J.   Print, write, stamp or paint anything obscene, indecent, immoral or vulgar.
   K.   Allow, suffer or permit in any house, room or place owned, controlled, or occupied, any prostitution or lewdness.
   L.   Solicit for immoral purposes.
   M.   Molest or annoy any female person in any public place or solicit her to ride in any motor vehicle.
   N.   Play, maintain, run or operate any game, punchboard, slot machine or any machine or device or contrivance of any kind for money or other things of value.
   O.   Allow, suffer or permit in any house, room or place owned, occupied, or controlled, any gambling or game of chance. (Ord. 19, 7-21-1970)