A.   Repeal; Exclusions: All general ordinances of the city passed prior to the adoption of this code are hereby repealed, except such as are included in this code or are by necessary implication herein reserved from repeal (subject to the saving clauses contained in the following sections), and excluding the following ordinances which are not hereby repealed:
      1.   Ordinances promising or guaranteeing the payment of money for the city, or authorizing the issuance of any bonds of the city or any evidence of the city's indebtedness.
      2.   Appropriation ordinances providing for the levy of taxes or prescribing salaries for city officers.
      3.   Ordinances relating to boundaries and annexations.
      4.   Contract ordinances and ordinances authorizing the execution of a contract or the issuance of warrants, or accepting the beneficial interest in any trust.
      5.   Ordinances establishing street grades, or naming or vacating streets, alleys or other public places.
      6.   Improvement ordinances.
      7.   Zoning map ordinances.
      8.   Legal descriptions of urban revitalization areas and urban renewal areas.
      9.   Franchise ordinances.
      10.   Ordinances relating to elections.
      11.   Ordinances relating to the transfer or acceptance of real estate by or from the city.
      12.   All special ordinances.
   B.   Continuing Effect: All such ordinances, as listed in subsection A of this section, shall continue in full force and effect to the same extent as if fully set out herein. (2015 Code)