A.   Review And Approval Required: No subdivision plat, or street dedication within the city, or within two (2) miles of the corporate limits of the city, as provided in Iowa Code section 354.9, shall be filed for record with the county recorder, or recorded by the county recorder, until a final plat of such subdivision, or street dedication has been reviewed and approved in accordance with the provisions of this title.
   B.   File Plat With County: Upon the approval of the final plat by the governing body, it shall be the duty of the subdivider to immediately file such plat with the county auditor and county recorder, as required by law. Such approval shall be revokable after thirty (30) days, unless such plat has been duly recorded and evidence thereof filed with the city clerk within such thirty (30) days. (Ord. 94-90, 3-8-1994, eff. 3-8-1994)