10-2-2: RULES:
   A.   Words used or defined in one tense or form shall include other tenses and derivative forms.
   B.   The word "shall" is mandatory.
   C.   The word "may" is permissive.
   D.   The words "city code" or "this code" mean the city code of the city of Oxford.
   E.   The word "person" includes individuals, firms, corporations, associations, and any other similar entities.
   F.   The word "county" means the county of Johnson, Iowa.
   G.   The word "city" means the city of Oxford.
   H.   The words "city council" mean the city council of the city of Oxford, Iowa.
   I.   The word "state" means the state of Iowa.
   J.   In case of any difference of meaning or implication between the text of this title and any caption or illustration, the text shall control. (Ord. 1994-92, 6-14-1994, eff. 6-14-1994)