A.   Use By Authorized Persons: All hydrants erected for the purpose of extinguishing fires are hereby declared to be public hydrants, and no person, except the Director of Public Works and members of the Fire Department, or persons especially authorized by the City Council, and then only in the exercise of authority designated by the City Council, shall open any of said hydrants or attempt to draw water from the same, or at any time attempt to uncover or remove any protection from or in any manner interfere with any of the hydrants. (Ord. 41)
   B.   Delegating Authority To Others: It shall be unlawful for any person authorized to open hydrants to delegate his authority to another, or let or suffer another person to take wrenches or tools furnished him, or suffer the same to be taken from any hose house except for the purposes strictly connected with the Fire Department or as they accompany the firetruck on occasions of fire. (Ord. 41; amd. 2015 Code)