A.   Furnished By Owner, Installation By City: Meters shall be furnished by the property owner and be of a type and manufacture approved by the City Council and be installed by the Director of Public Works or licensed plumber. Such installation shall be placed in a frostproof meter box of not less than twenty four inches (24") in diameter, or properly bricked up of not less than twenty four inches by thirty inches (24" x 30"), all duly protected from frost and to be kept in such condition that the meter therein can at any time be readily inspected.
   B.   Water Measured By Meter: All water shall be measured by meter. No reduction shall be allowed for leakage of water measured by meter. (Ord. 41)
   C.   Reading Meters; Billing Provisions: Meters shall be read monthly by the Director of Public Works, and water fees shall be due on a monthly basis. Where meters are connected for temporary purposes, water rates shall be due and payable when that use is completed. (Per motion dated 3-9-1954; amd. 2015 Code)