A.   Assent To Comply: The rules, regulations and water rates hereafter set out in this chapter shall be considered a part of the contract with every person who is supplied with water through the waterworks system, and every person, by taking water, shall be considered to express his assent to be bound thereby.
   B.   Failure To Comply; Turn Off Water: When any of the same are violated, or such others as the city council may adopt, the water shall be cut off from the building or place of such violation and shall not be turned on except by order of the director of public works, or his duly authorized agent, and only then after the payment of the expense of shutting off the water and turning it on again, and such other items as the city council or waterworks committee thereof determine, and in case of such violation, the council or waterworks committee thereof shall have the right to declare forfeited any payment made for water by the person committing such violation. (Ord. 41)