Ord. No.   Date   Description
103   4-12-1881   Reduces Spring, South, Walnut, Mulberry, North, Vine, College, East, Poplar, Main, Beech, West and Elm Sts. to 66 feet in width.
   11-13-1891   Establishes a standard elevation to which all street grades shall be referred.
   1-4-1892   Grade of High St. from Beech St. to West St.
   5-10-1892   Grade of High St. from the west curb of Beech St. to the west curb of East St; Walnut St. from East St. to West St.
   9-3-1892   Grade of West St. from High St. to Spring St.; Beech St. from High St. to Spring St.
   7-11-1893   Curb grade of South St. from Main St. to Elm St.; High St. from Elm St. to West St.
   7-11-1893   Curb grade of Poplar St. from Vine St. to Spring St.
   7-11-1893   Curb grade of Main St. from Spring St. to Vine St.
   7-11-1893   Curb grade of Church St. from East St. to Elm St.
   8-10-1893   Curb grade of Beech St. from High St. to Church St.
   9-3-1894   Curb grade of Elm St. from North St. to South St.
   6-4-1900   Grade of Church St. from Elm St. to West Exterior St.
   7-4-05   Width of College Ave. and Church St.
   9-12-10   Grade of Church St. from Wood St. to Campus Ave.
   9-12-10   Grade of Collins St. from Campus Ave. to Locust Ave.
   10-4-21   Repeals a previous resolution to establish width of Main St. from Spring St. south to Chestnut St.
18   8-8-24   Grade of Maple Ave. and Race, Main, Vine, Bishop, West Vine, Elm, Spring and Locust Sts.
20   10-7-24   Grade of University and Spring Sts. and the north side of Spring St.
58   7-17-25   Grade of Bishop, University and Sycamore Sts.
212   8-15-28   Grade of Campus Ave.
446   10-6-36   Width of Chestnut St.
466   8-3-37   Width of Central Ave.
476   3-1-38   Width of Central Ave.
477   3-1-38   Width of South Beech St. between Central Ave. and Chestnut St.
482   8-2-38   Width of South Campus Ave. between Spring and Chestnut Sts.
629   7-1-47   Grade of Vine, Beech, Locust, Sycamore and Elm Sts.
789   12-6-55   Width of South Campus Ave.
790   12-6-55   Width of Maple Ave.
829   9-17-57   Grade of Patterson and Maple Aves.
847   12-16-58   Grade of Sycamore St.
Res. 971   4-4-61   Width and grade of Oak St.
Res. 1000   12-5-61   Width of College Ave.
952   6-4-63   Grade of Sycamore St. from Tallawanda Rd. to Main St.
958   12-3-63   Alley between Spring and Collins Sts. running west one-half block from Campus Ave.
962   1-21-64   Width, curb and grade on South Campus Ave. from Spring to Chestnut Sts.
987   2-16-65   Grade of Locust St. from Chestnut St. to Fairfield Rd.
1039   4-19-66   Grade of Heather Lane from Main St. to Outlot 3 of Board of Education property.
Ord. No.   Date   Description
Res. 1391   5-28-68   Authorizes Miami University to widen north side of Sycamore St. adjacent to Tallawanda Rd. for a loading zone.
1102   6-18-68   Amends Ordinance 962 to permit sidewalk width fluctuation of between 5 and 3 feet to preserve shade trees.
1125   6-3-69   Grade of alley north of W. Chestnut St. and west of S. Main St.
1133   8-5-69   Authorizes Miami University to widen intersection of Tallawanda Rd. and Sycamore St.
1462   1-3-78   Grade of Brookville Road from State Route 732 to the existing corporation line.
1527   7-17-79   Grades of Oxford-Reily Road.
1780   10-18-83   Amends Ord. 1462 relative to grade of Brookville Rd. in the area of Lot #2219.
1928   2-3-87   Grade of Route 732 from Chestnut St. to 360 feet south of Dana Drive.
2131   12-4-90   Centerline grade for that portion of Brookville Road located within the City.