Ord. No.   Date   Description
248   3-19-29   Alley extending from Church St. to High St.
314   6-27-31   East half of an alley running parallel to and between East and Church Sts.
700   9-5-50   Part of alley through Inlots 278 and 279 in the Village extending north from High St.
773   8-17-54   Alleys through Inlots 45 to 52.
827   8-6-57   Reconveys to Western College part of roadway easement no longer used for access to the sewage disposal plant.
922   4-24-62   Certain alleys in Ratliff Subdivision located in Outlot 266.
988   2-16-65   Thunderbird Court and 2 utility easements in Indian Hills Estates Subdivision.
1008   6-8-65   Sycamore St. from Tallawanda Rd. to Patterson Ave.
1229   6-6-72   E. Withrow Ave. between N. Main and N. Poplar Sts.; N-S alley between Withrow St. to the south, E-W alley to the north, Main St. to the west and Poplar St. to the east.
1281   9-18-73   Removing all restrictions on 16.5 foot strip of land adjacent to vacated Withrow St. between Poplar and Main Sts.
1396   9-21-76   297 ft. by 16 ft. portion of public alley running between Lots 280 and 281 and bounded by real estate of Evans Scholar Foundation and real estate of J.L.S. and L.B.A. Stafford.
1628   4-7-81   A specific portion of Fye Avenue.
1981   11-17-87   Silverleaf Drive within Silverleaf Subdivision.
2030   12-6-88   A certain east-west alley between Lot No. 472 and Lot No. 473.
2208   1-21-92   33 ft. High Street between College and Locust.
2209   1-21-92   East/west alley off S. Beech St. (Black/Pulley).
2274   2-2-93   The alley between In-Lots No. 472 and 473.
2332   11-16-93   An alley located between new Lots 3010 and 3011 on High St.
2617   12-1-98   The unimproved portion of Beech St. which is located north of the railroad tracks and Central Ave., at the terminus of Rose Ave.
2669   1-4-00   Amends Section 7 of Ordinance 2617.
2681   6-6-00   East Withrow Street from North Poplar to the alley directly east of Poplar.
2714   1-16-01   Repeals Ord. 2669 and amends Section 7 of Ord. 2617.
2742   12-4-01   East Withrow St. from North Poplar to the alley directly east of Poplar.
2823   6-15-04   An alley right-of-way that runs north-south between High and Church Streets.
2824   6-15-04   An alley right-of-way that runs east-west on the east side of Campus Ave.
2830   10-19-04   A part of Old Hester Road and a part of Westgate Drive.
2886   12-20-05   The alley abutting Lots 472 and 473 on Beech St.
2889   1-3-06   Fairfield Road between Spring St. and Locust St.
2894   2-7-06   A portion of the right of way in South Farm Subdivision, Section Two.
2934   11-21-06   The alley right of way running north-south between East High St. and East Church St., between University Ave. and Bishop St.
2973   9-18-07   Approving the vacation of a 50-foot right-of-way of Roberts Drive West, South Farm Subdivision, Section Two, adjacent to Lots 3090 through 3095 and west of Lot 3089 .
3152   7-5-11   Approving the vacation of the alley right-of-way running north- south between East Church Street and East High Street; between Tallawanda Road and Bishop Street.
3349   4-5-16   Vacates two rights of way off of Southpointe Parkway.
3437   10-17-17   0.2824 acres of right-of-way off of West Rose Avenue and Beech Street.
3567   5-5-20   Vacates right-of-way associated with Roberts Drive and Hoover Drive as was previously dedicated by O.R. 7959 PG 1551, replat for South Farm Section 2 & 2A.