Ord. No.   Date   Description
Unno.   5-4-1894   Changing names of West and College Sts.
Unno.   6-18-06   (1)  East St. to Campus Ave.
      (2)  South St. to Collins St.
      (3)  North St. to Race St.
      (4)  Mulberry St. to Church St.
      (5)  Exterior East St. to Woodside Ave.
      (6)  Exterior South St. to Chestnut St.
      (7)  Exterior West St. to Locust Ave.
      (8)  Exterior North St. to Sycamore St.
Unno.   5-4-09   Woodside Ave. to Patterson Ave.
340   3-15-32   Race St. to Withrow Ave.
692   4-18-50   South St. to Ardmore Drive.
765   2-16-54   Naming Heather Lane.
931   7-17-62   Gath Dr. to Westgate Dr.
942   2-19-63   Naming Collins Run Rd.
1549   11-20-79   Reba Drive to Chestnut Circle
1646   11-3-81   Valley View Court to Cedar Drive
1672   4-20-82   Chestnut Circle to Charleston Drive.
2946   2-20-07   Silverleaf Meadows Drive changed to Gardenia Drive.
3182   8-21-12   Wooster Court in the Campus Commons Subdivision to Wooster Place.
3350   4-19-16   Changing the name of “Corporate Woods Lane” in the Fields of Southpointe Planned Development to “Ironwood Drive”.
3403   5-16-17   Changing the name of “Collins Run Road” to “South Main Street”.