11-28-3: PROCEDURES:
   A.   Administrative Permit:
      1.   Except as required by this section, home occupations defined by this title shall require an administrative permit pursuant to chapter 8 of this title issued subject to the conditions of this chapter, other applicable City ordinances, and State law.
      2.   The permit shall remain in full force and effect until such time:
         a.   There has been a change in conditions
         b.   The provisions of this chapter have been violated.
         c.   There is a change in occupancy or ownership of the premises.
         d.   Within one (1) year after granting an administrative permit, the use as allowed by the permit shall not have been initiated, then such permit shall become null and void unless a petition for extension of time in which to complete the work has been granted by the Zoning Administrator. Such extension shall be requested in writing and filed with the Zoning Administrator at least thirty (30) days before the expiration of the original permit. There shall be no charge for the filing of such petition. The request for extension shall state facts showing a good faith attempt to initiate the use.
   B.   Declaration Of Conditions: The Zoning Administrator may impose such conditions on the granting of an administrative permit as may be necessary to carry out the purpose and provisions of this section.
   C.   Effect Of Permit:
      1.   An administrative permit may be issued for a period of one year, after which the permit may be reissued for periods of up to three (3) years each.
      2.    Each application for permit renewal shall, however, be processed in accordance with the provisions of chapter 8 of this title regarding administrative permits, except that no application fee shall be required.
   D.   Renewal Of Permits:
      1.   An applicant shall not have a vested right to renewal of an administrative permit by reason of having obtained a previous permit.
      2.   . Each application for the renewal of a permit will be considered de novo without taking into consideration that a previous permit has been granted. The previous granting or renewal of a permit shall not constitute a precedent or basis for the renewal of a permit. (Ord. 2019-21, 10-28-2019)