A.   Setback Requirements: All aboveground or belowground swimming pools shall be subject to the setback requirements for accessory structures established by section 11-18-2 of this chapter.
   B.   Administrative Permit: An administrative permit shall be required for all swimming pools that cause or have the capacity to retain water with a depth greater than thirty inches (30"), as defined by section 11-2-2 of this title, that do not require a building permit. Each application for an administrative permit to construct or erect a swimming pool shall be accompanied by plans of sufficient detail to show:
      1.   The proposed location and its relationship to the other buildings and structures on the lot.
      2.   The size of the pool.
      3.   Fencing and other fixtures existing on the lot including utility locations and trees.
      4.   The location, size and types of equipment to be used in connection with the pool, including, but not limited to, filter unit, pump, fencing and the pool itself.
      5.   A plan for drainage of the pool explaining drainage method and location.
      6.   That the requirements contained in subsection C of this section will be satisfied.
   C.   Safeguards: All swimming pools, as defined in section 11-2-2 of this title shall be provided with impenetrable safeguards to enclose or completely surround the perimeter of the swimming pool to prevent uncontrolled access.
      1.   In Ground Swimming Pools:
         a.   Vertical Barrier. A fence, solid wall, or other structure shall be employed meeting the following requirements:
            (1)   The physical barrier shall be at least four feet (4') in height.
            (2)   The opening between the bottom of the fence and the ground or other surfaces shall not be more than four inches (4").
            (3)   Fences shall be constructed of a noncorrosive material with posts set in concrete and shall be designed so as to be not easily climbable.
            (4)   All fencing openings or points of entry into the pool area, except from the interior of the principal building, shall be equipped with gates or doors. with said gates or doors having self-closing and self-latching devices.
      2.   Above Ground Swimming Pools:
         a.   Accessory Decks: Aboveground pools with an accessory deck constructed within three feet (3') of the pool shall install a thirty six inch (36") guardrail around the deck. All openings shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching gates.
         b.   Ladders: For all aboveground swimming pools utilizing a ladder for pool access, ladders shall be removed from the pool area when not in use.
      3.   Pool Cover: A pool cover, including one that complies with the standards of F1346-91 of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) as may be amended, does not meet the safeguard requirements established by this section. (Prior Code § 20-18-5; amd. Ord. 2022-02, 2-14-2022)