A.   No landowner or land operator shall receive any of building, grading or other land development permits required for land disturbance activities without first meeting the requirements of this chapter prior to commencing the proposed activity. The permit application must be accompanied by the following in order that the permit application be considered: a grading, drainage, and erosion control plan and a permit review escrow as established by ordinance.
   B.   This chapter applies to any construction activity disturbing ten thousand (10,000) square feet or more.
   C.   No site development permit is required for the following activities:
      1.   Any emergency activity which is immediately necessary for the protection of life, property or natural resources.
      2.   Existing nursery and agricultural operations conducted as a permitted main or accessory use.
      3.   Developments that do not disturb more than ten thousand (10,000) square feet of land, provided they are not part of a larger common development plan.
      4.   Repairs to any erosion or sediment control practice deemed necessary by the City Engineer.
   D.   Each application shall include the name(s) and address(es) of the owner or developer of the site, and of any consulting firm retained by the applicant, together with the name of the applicant's principal contact at such firm, and shall be accompanied by the appropriate permit escrow.
   E.   Each application shall include a statement that any land clearing, construction, or development involving the movement of earth shall be in accordance with the grading, drainage, and erosion control plan, and that a certified contractor shall be on site on all days where construction or grading activity takes place.
   F.   1. The applicant shall file with the City a faithful performance bond or bonds, letter of credit, or other improvement security in an amount deemed sufficient by the City to cover all costs of improvements, landscaping, and maintenance of improvements for such period as specified by the City for engineering and inspection costs to cover the cost of failure or repair of improvements installed on the site.
      2.   Determination of other improvement securities will be upon completion of improvements and installation and establishment of landscape and turf. Establishment of landscape and turf will be at the discretion of the City Engineer.
   G.   1. The City will review each application for a site development permit to determine its conformance with the provisions of this chapter. Within sixty (60) days after receiving an application, the City Engineer shall, in writing:
         a.   Approve the permit application; or
         b.   Approve the permit application subject to such reasonable conditions as may be necessary to secure substantially the objectives of this regulation, and issue the permit subject to these conditions; or
         c.   Disapprove the permit application, indicating the deficiencies and the procedure for submitting a revised application and/or submission.
      2.   Failure of the City to act on original or revised applications within sixty (60) days of receipt shall authorize the applicant to proceed in accordance with the plans as filed unless such time is extended by agreement between the applicant and the City. Pending preparation and approval of a revised plan, development activities shall be allowed to proceed in accordance with conditions established by the City.
   H.   Permits issued under this chapter shall be valid from the date of issuance through the date the City notifies the permit holder that the site has passed the final inspection as required under the permit. (Prior Code § 4-4-3)