A.   There is hereby established a storm sewer improvement district incorporating all properties within the territorial limits of the City as of April 10, 1995, for the purpose of building, constructing, reconstructing, repair, enlargement, improvement, or in any other manner obtain stormwater management facilities, and maintain and operate the stormwater management facilities and including financing and collection of charges for said actions related to stormwater management facilities in accordance with Minnesota Statutes section 444.075.
   B.   The following individual storm sewer improvement districts included those delineated properties included either wholly or partially within the geographical area designated by the adopted study prepared by the city engineer and adopted by the city council, which is herein incorporated by reference:
      1.   Rice Lake/Foster Lake Watershed.
      2.   Halls Watershed.
      3.   Lefebvre Creek Watershed.
      4.   South Mississippi Watershed.
      5.   North Mississippi Watershed: $7,045.00/gross acre.
      6.   Otsego Creek Watershed.
   C.   The location and boundaries of the districts established by this chapter shall be set forth on a map prepared by the City Engineer to be on file with the City Clerk that shall have the same force and effect as if fully set forth herein and thereby made a part of this title by reference.
   D.   The boundaries of the Districts may be revised from time to time by the City Engineer upon review of individual properties or other considerations, and such changes shall be adopted as further amendment to this title. For the purposes of determining future fees for connection to the system, at the time that a property is developed, which is not within a specific district but which is benefitted by the system, the City Engineer shall determine the appropriate fee to be charged against that property. (Prior Code § 6-1-9; amd. Ord. 2020-01, passed 1-27-20; Ord. 2020-02, 3-23-2020)