A.   The Planning Commission shall meet regularly pursuant to this chapter, shall hold public hearings when required by this Code or any other applicable law, and it or the City Council may, at their discretion, initiate any additional hearing they deem necessary.
   B.   The Planning Commission shall have such duties as assigned in State Statutes and this Code, and shall act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all such matters including, but not limited to:
      1.   To prepare and keep current a Comprehensive Plan for meeting present requirements and such future needs as may be foreseen, based on demographic and statistical trends and data available.
      2.   To establish principles and policies for guiding action affecting development in the City and its environs.
      3.   To prepare and recommend to the City Council ordinances, regulations and other proposals promoting orderly and economically sound development along lines indicated as desirable by the Comprehensive Plan.
      4.   To determine whether specific proposed developments conform to the principles and requirements for the Comprehensive Plan and this Code.
      5.   To keep the City Council and the general public informed and advised as to all planning and development matters.
   C.   The Planning Commission shall transmit recommendations to the City Council on all matters which it considers. If such matter involves a decision regarding the application of this Code, the Planning Commission shall transmit to the Council specific and particular information regarding the basis for such recommendation and the information which was considered in arriving at such recommendation.
   D.   Any member having a personal interest, a financial interest, or a family member with a financial interest in any individual action to be considered by the Planning Commission shall:
      1.   Notify the Chair of the conflict in advance of the meeting.
      2.   Allow the Chair to explain the potential conflict to the Planning Commission.
      3.   At the request of the Chair, the member shall excuse himself from the Planning Commission in advance of the discussion and voting on the item.
   E.   In the event that a member is contacted prior to a Planning Commission meeting by a person with a concern regarding a pending issue, the member must:
      1.   Refrain from discussing any Planning Commission business with any individual outside of a Planning Commission meeting. This includes his own stand on the pending issue.
      2.   Refrain from speculating on other Planning Commission members' stand on the pending issue. (Prior Code § 3-1-4)