A.   Official Pound: From time to time the City Council shall designate an official pound to which animals found in violation of this chapter shall be taken for safe treatment, and if necessary, for destruction. (Prior Code § 5-1-15)
   B.   Impoundment For Certain Violations:
      1.   Running At Large: Any animal running at large is hereby declared a public nuisance. Any Sheriff's deputy or authorized police officer may impound any dog or other animal found running at large and shall give notice of the impounding to the owner of such dog or other animal, if known. In case the owner is unknown, the officer shall post notice at the City Hall that if the dog or other animal is not claimed within the time period set forth in this chapter, it will be sold or otherwise disposed of. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, it shall be unlawful to kill, destroy, or otherwise cause injury to any animal, including dogs and cats, running at large.
      2.   Animals That Bite: Any animal that has not been inoculated by a live modified rabies vaccine and which has bitten any person, wherein the skin has been punctured or the services of a doctor are required, shall be confined in the City pound for a period of not less than ten (10) days, at the expense of the owner. The animal may be released at the end of such time if healthy and free from symptoms of rabies, and by payment of all costs by the owner. However, if the owner of the animal shall elect immediately upon receipt of notice of need for such confinement by the officer to voluntarily and immediately confine the animal for the required period of time in a veterinary hospital of the owner's choosing, not outside of Wright County, and provide immediate proof of such confinement in such a manner as may be required, the owner may do so. If, however, the animal has been inoculated with a live modified rabies vaccine and the owner has proof of the vaccination by a certificate from a licensed veterinarian, the owner may confine the dog or other animal to the owner's property.
   C.   Reclamation Of Animals: All animals conveyed to the City pound shall be kept, with humane treatment and sufficient food and water for their comfort, at least fourteen (14) days. In case the owner or keeper shall desire to reclaim the animal from the pound, the payment of any and all maintenance costs for the animal, per day or any part of a day while the animal is in said pound, shall be required.
   D.   Unclaimed Animals: At the expiration of the times established in subsection C of this section, if the animal has not been reclaimed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, the City's designee may let any person claim the animal by complying with all provisions of this chapter, or cause the animal to be destroyed in a proper and humane manner and shall properly dispose of the remains. (Prior Code § 5-1-6)
   E.   Interference With Officers; Breaking Open Pound: No person shall in any manner molest, hinder, or interfere with any person authorized by the City Council to capture dogs, cats or other animals and convey them to the pound while engaged in such operation; nor shall any unauthorized person break open the pound, or attempt to do so, or take or attempt to take from any agent any animal taken up by him or her in compliance with this chapter, or in any other manner to interfere with or hinder such officer in the discharge of his or her duties under this chapter. (Prior Code § 5-1-16)