A.   1. The Planning Commission shall consist of seven (7) members, all of whom are appointed by majority vote of the City Council. Any and all adult resident property owners of the City are eligible to be appointed to the Planning Commission at the discretion of the City Council by majority vote.
      2.   The City Council shall also appoint one of its members as a nonvoting ex officio member of the Planning Commission who shall attend Planning Commission meetings and act as a liaison between the City Council and the Planning Commission.
      3.   The City Council may also appoint alternate member(s) to a term determined by the City Council from time to time as they deem necessary. The alternate(s) shall attend all regular and special meetings of the Planning Commission and shall act as a replacement at any specific meeting in the event of the absence, for whatever reason, of any regularly appointed member of the Planning Commission.
      4.   The Zoning Administrator shall serve as the City staff liaison to the Planning Commission.
   B.   The terms of each member of the Planning Commission shall be four (4) years staggered and overlapping as presently established beginning March 1 of the first year and shall expire on the last day of February of the last year of the respective term. (Prior Code § 3-1-2)