A.   Permit Required; Exemption: No person shall start or allow any open burning on any property in the City without first having obtained an open burn permit; except, that a permit is not required for any fire which is a recreational fire as defined in subsection 5-4-3A of this chapter.
   B.   Application For Permit: Applications for a burning permit under this chapter shall be processed in accordance with Minnesota Statutes section 88.17, as amended.
   C.   Denial Of Permit: If established criteria for the issuance of an open burning permit are not met during review of the application, it is determined that a practical alternative method for disposal of the material exists, or a pollution or nuisance condition would result, or if a burn event safety plan cannot be drafted to the satisfaction of the Fire Marshal, these officers may deny the application for the open burn permit.
   D.   Permit Required At Site: It is the responsibility of the permit holder to have a valid permit, as required by this section, available for inspection on the site by the Wright County Sheriff's Office, Fire Department, MPCA representative or DNR Forest Officer.
   E.   Revocation Of Permit: The open burning permit is subject to revocation at the discretion of DNR Forest Officer, Fire Marshal, Wright County Sheriff's Office or Fire Warden for reasons including, but not limited to, a fire hazard existing or developing during the course of the burn, any of the conditions of the permit being violated during the course of the burn, pollution or nuisance conditions developing during the course of the burn, or a fire smoldering with no flame present. (Prior Code § 5-4-5)