A.   Obstructing Prohibited: Any person, firm or corporation, or their agents or employees, are hereby prohibited from placing any obstruction in drainage ditches or drains along the streets and alleys of the city, and are prohibited from doing any act which will obstruct the flow of water along such ditches or drains, including the driving of automobiles or other vehicles across the drainage ditches or drains when such action will in any way obstruct the flow of water along the same. (1985 Code § 14-201)
   B.   Placement Of Culverts: Any person placing a tin horn, culvert or other drainage material in the drainage ditches shall place the same in the ditches in such manner that it will not obstruct the flow of the water along such ditches, and same shall be erected and constructed in such manner that the same will meet with the approval and requirements of the city manager or his designee. (1985 Code § 14-202; amd. 2007 Code)
   C.   Repair Of Defective Drainage Materials:
      1.   Any person, firm or corporation, which now has a tin horn or culvert or other drainage material, constructed in such manner so that it interferes unduly with the flow of water along the drainage ditch, shall repair such tin horn, culvert or other drainage material in such manner so that the same will not interfere with the flow of such water along such streets and alleys.
      2.   The city manager or his designee is hereby directed to notify such person of the defective tin horn, culvert or drainage material and request that the same be repaired.
      3.   Upon failure of the person, firm or corporation to make such repairs within four (4) weeks after being so notified, then such person, firm or corporation shall be deemed guilty of an offense. (1985 Code § 14-203; amd. 2007 Code)