A.   Trimming:
      1.   Required:
         a.   The owner of any premises abutting on any street in the city shall trim all trees and shrubbery growing in the parkway, between the sidewalk and the roadway, of any such street, and all trees and shrubbery growing on any part of the premises adjacent to the sidewalks or any street or alley, in such manner that the boughs or limbs thereof shall not obstruct free and convenient passage and travel along the streets, sidewalks, and alleys.
         b.   When such premises are occupied by some person other than the owner, such occupant shall trim the trees and shrubbery in the same manner as hereinafter required of the owner.
         c.    Such trees and shrubbery shall be trimmed so that the lowest branches or foliage shall not be lower than fifteen feet (15') above the roadway of a street or alley, nor lower than ten feet (10') above the sidewalk.
      2.   Failure To Trim: Any owner or occupant who shall fail, refuse or neglect to trim trees and shrubbery as provided in this section, after receiving five (5) days' notice from the head of the department in charge of streets to do so, shall be guilty of an offense against the city. Every day that the owner or occupant shall fail, refuse or neglect to trim the trees or shrubbery, after the expiration of the five (5) days' notice, shall be a separate offense. (1985 Code § 14-101)
   B.   Injuring: It is unlawful for any person to injure any tree or shrubbery on a street or alley in the city; provided, that this shall not prohibit the lawful and proper care and removal of such trees and shrubbery. (1985 Code § 14-102; amd. Ord. 2019-9, 9-23-2019)