Speed Restrictions
   71.001   Speed limits
   71.002   Special speed limits while passing schools
   71.003   Maximum attainable operating speed
   71.004   Minimum speed regulation
Turning and Starting; Signals
   71.020   Required position and method of turning at intersections
   71.021   Limitations on U-turns
   71.022   Starting parked vehicle
   71.023   When signal required
   71.024   Signal by hand and arm or signal device
   71.025   Method of giving hand and arm signals
Overtaking and Passing
   71.040   Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions
   71.041   Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
   71.042   Overtaking vehicles on the left
   71.043   When overtaking on the right is permitted
   71.044   Limitations on overtaking on the left
   71.045   Meeting or overtaking school bus
   71.046   One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands
   71.047   No-passing zones
   71.048   Driving on roadways laned for traffic
   71.060   Vehicles approaching or entering intersection
   71.061   Vehicle turning left
   71.062   Vehicles entering stop crosswalk
   71.063   Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection
   71.064   Merging traffic
   71.065   Vehicle entering highway from private road or driveway
   71.066   Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles
   71.067   Funeral processions
Special Stops Required
   71.080   Obedience to signal indicating approach of train or railroad track equipment
   71.081   Certain vehicles must stop at all railroad grade crossings
   71.082   Emerging from alley, building, private road or driveway
   71.083   Stop when traffic obstructed
   71.095   Backing
   71.096   Following vehicle too closely
   71.097   Obstruction of driver’s view or driving mechanism
   71.098   Opening vehicle doors
   71.099   Coasting
   71.100   Following fire apparatus; driving over fire hose
   71.101   Driving upon sidewalk
   71.102   Use of roller skates, coasters or similar devices
   71.103   Putting glass or other hazardous materials on highway prohibited
   71.104   Obstructing person in highways
   71.105   Farm tractor operation
   71.106   Driving on controlled-access highway
   71.107   Encroachments
   71.108   Trees, bushes and foliage
   71.109   Unattended draft animals
   71.110   Riding on running boards
   71.111   Processions
   71.112   Trucks
   71.125   Definitions
   71.126   Permit required
   71.127   Application for permit
   71.128   Standards for issuance of permit
   71.129   Notice of rejection of permit application
   71.130   Appeal procedure when permit denied
   71.131   Alternative permit
   71.132   Notice to city and other officials when permit issued
   71.133   Contents of permit
   71.134   Duties of permittee
   71.135   Public conduct during parades
   71.136   Revocation of permit
Street Designations
   71.150   Signs
   71.151   Through streets
   71.152   Yield streets
   71.153   Closed streets
   71.999   Penalty