In General
   70.001   Definitions
   70.002   Adoption of Illinois State Vehicle Code
Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws
   70.015   Obedience to police officers
   70.016   Public officers and employees to obey traffic code; exceptions
   70.017   Traffic laws apply to persons riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles
   70.018   Fleeing or attempting to elude police officer
Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings
   70.030   Obedience to traffic-control devices
   70.031   Traffic-control signal legend
   70.032   Pedestrian-control signals
   70.033   Lane-control signals
   70.034   Flashing signals
   70.035   Display of unauthorized signs, signals, markings or advertising signs
   70.036   Interference with official traffic- control devices or railroad signs or signals
   70.037   Unlawful use or damage to highways, appurtenances and structures
   70.038   Unlawful possession of highway sign or marker
   70.039   Zones of quiet
   70.040   No-turning signs and turning markers
   70.041   Stop and yield signs
   70.055   Generally
   70.056   Duty of Traffic Division
   70.057   Records of traffic violations
   70.058   Accident investigations
   70.059   Accident studies
   70.060   Accident reports
   70.061   Annual traffic safety report
   70.062   Funeral procession insignia
   70.063   Traffic Engineer
   70.064   Traffic-control regulations and devices
   70.065   Traffic Commission
Impoundment of Motor Vehicle
   70.080   Definitions
   70.081   Violations authorizing impoundment
   70.082   Seizure and impoundment
   70.083   Administrative hearing
   70.084   Disposition of impounded motor vehicle
   70.085   Motor vehicle possession
   70.086   Towing agency
   70.087   Refund of administrative fee
   70.999   Penalty
   Towing companies, see Ch. 122