Driveway gates are permitted as accessory structures in required front yards, or side yards adjoining a street; provided that they conform with the following criteria:
   A.   Required Acreage: No driveway gate may be installed on a lot of less than two (2) acres, unless the front yard of said lot abuts a thoroughfare 1 . Any driveway gate previously approved and constructed in accordance with applicable law at that time shall be treated as a permitted and legally conforming use.
   B.   Direction Of Swing: Driveway gates shall not swing outward from the property.
   C.   Width: The minimum width for a gate structure shall be twelve feet (12') for opening the gate. All driveway gates shall be greater than fifty percent (50%) open in design when viewed from a ninety degree (90°) angle, except that this required open space in louver type gates may be viewed from any angle, and excluding metal gates with more than seventy five percent (75%) of its surface area open space.
   D.   Location Of Gates: Gates shall be located a minimum distance of twenty feet (20') from the nearest edge of pavement on local residential streets and thirty feet (30') from the nearest edge of pavement on all other streets including all thoroughfares and collectors (reference the Oak Brook transportation plan phase II report dated January 1971), to allow adequate room for vehicular access to the property. (Ord. G-678, 6-26-2001; Ord. G-741, 2-10-2004)



2. See section 14-2-2 of this code.