The following are definitions of terms used in these regulations:
ALLEY: A right of way which affords a secondary means of access to properties abutting upon a street.
BLOCK: A tract of land bounded by streets or by a combination of one or more streets and other lines of demarcation.
BUILDING SETBACK LINE: A line within a lot or other parcel of land so designated on the plat, which denotes the area between such line and the adjacent street right of way line, where an enclosed building and other structures are prohibited, except those structures that are permitted by zoning ordinance regulations.
COLLECTOR STREET: A street which carries traffic from local streets, and serves as a principal traffic way within or between various districts.
CUL-DE-SAC: A local street with only one outlet.
DEVELOPMENT PLAN: A proposal for the development of a parcel of land zoned ORA3 under the zoning ordinance of the village 1 containing a statement setting forth the information specified in subsection 13-10C-6C1 of this code and a plat setting forth graphically the information specified in subsection 13-10C-6C2 of this code.
DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: The director of community development of the village of Oak Brook, Illinois, or his duly authorized representative as approved and designated by the village manager.
EASEMENT AREA: A designated parcel of land on, over or under which a liberty, privilege, or advantage for use of land (dedicated and distinct from ownership of the land), is granted either to the public, a particular person or firm, or a combination of both.
FINAL PLAT: The final map or plan of a subdivision presented to the village for approval and which, if approved, will be recorded in the office of recorder of deeds of DuPage County.
FRONTAGE ROAD: A local or collector street which is parallel to, adjacent to and separated from the main traveled pavement surface of a thoroughfare.
HALF STREET: A street where less than the ultimate total required right of way width has been dedicated along one or more exterior property lines of a subdivision.
HOUSE SERVICES: The portions of piping running from a utility service main to serve individual parcels of property and for the purpose of these regulations shall include sewer and water services.
IMPROVEMENT PLAN: A plat setting forth graphically the location and layout of all or a part of the proposed land improvements and buildings to be constructed on a parcel of land zoned ORA3 and for which a development plan has been approved, together with such additional information as may be required under the provisions of this title.
LAND IMPROVEMENT: Any and all sanitary sewerage systems, water distribution systems, storm drainage systems, public utility systems, sidewalk systems, street systems, street lighting systems, pedestrianways, sediment and erosion control measures, grading plan, off street parking areas and other improvements which the village of Oak Brook may require under these regulations.
LOCAL STREET: A street of limited continuity used primarily for access to abutting properties and to serve local needs of a neighborhood.
LOT: A designated parcel of land in a subdivision or assessment plat.
LOT, FLAG OR INTERIOR: A parcel of land which fronts on a street only by virtue of an unbuildable area which provides access to the buildable portion of said parcel of land.
LOT, THROUGH: A lot which has a pair of opposite lot lines along two (2) substantially parallel streets and which is not a corner lot.
NO VEHICULAR ACCESS AREA: That portion of a through lot along its side and/or rear lot line abutting a street through which motorized vehicular access is not permitted and no driveways shall be permitted.
OFFICIAL PLAN: Refers to the composite of the functional and geographic elements of the comprehensive village plan, or any segment thereof, in the form of plans, maps, charts, text of reports, the official map and the current zoning ordinance as adopted by the village of Oak Brook.
OWNER OR SUBDIVIDER: Shall include any person, group of persons, firm, association, partnership, private corporation, public or quasi-public corporation, institution, or a combination of any of them, or other legal entity having sufficient proprietary interest in the land sought to be subdivided or divided, to commence and maintain proceedings under the provisions of these regulations.
PARKWAY: That part of a public way between the paved roadway portion and right of way line, in the case of a public right of way, or in the case of a private street, the easement line.
PEDESTRIANWAY: A right of way across or within a block and designated for pedestrian use.
PLAN COMMISSION: The Oak Brook plan commission 2 .
PRELIMINARY PLAT: A tentative map or plan of a proposed subdivision indicating a proposed layout submitted to the village for its consideration.
PUBLIC WAY: Public rights of way, public street areas by common usage, public bicycle or pedestrian paths, or access easement areas granted to the village.
RIGHT OF WAY: A strip of land dedicated to the public for access purposes including, but not limited to, streets, alleys and pedestrianways and may include surface access for vehicles or pedestrians, overhead access, when permitted, for certain public utilities and underground access for sewers and public utilities.
ROADWAY: The improved portion of the street available for vehicular traffic.
SIDEWALK: That portion of a street right of way or pedestrianway intended for pedestrian use only.
STREET: A permanent public or private right of way which affords a primary means of access to abutting property.
STREET WIDTH: The shortest distance between the right of way lines of a given street.
SUBDIVIDER: Any owner commencing proceedings under these regulations.
SUBDIVISION: The division of any tract or parcel of land into two (2) or more lots or parcels, or consolidation of two (2) or more parcels, or any division of land when a new street or easement for access is involved. The division or subdivision of land into parcels or tracts of five (5) acres or more in size and not involving any new streets, easements of access, or the sale or exchange of existing lots, parcels or tracts of land with no change in their boundaries shall not be termed to be a subdivision. The term "subdivision" includes "resubdivision" and, where it is appropriate to the context, relates to the process of subdividing or to the land subdivided.
SUBDIVISION DESIGN STANDARDS: The basic land planning requirements established by this title for the preparation of plats and installation of required improvements.
SUBDIVISION GATEWAY: A structure, guardhouse, monument or landscaping arranged in such a fashion as to identify a subdivision and provide an entranceway for the subdivision.
THOROUGHFARE: A street with a high degree of continuity and serving as a principal traffic way between the various areas of Oak Brook and its environs. Those streets shown in the "Oak Brook Transportation Plan Phase II Report" dated January 1971, figure 1, functional classification and designated as "expressway", "major arterial" and "minor arterial" shall be considered as thoroughfares for application of this title, plus such additional streets as may in the future be designated by resolution of the village board.
VILLAGE BOARD: The president and board of trustees of the village of Oak Brook, Illinois.
VILLAGE CLERK: The village clerk of the village of Oak Brook, Illinois.
VILLAGE ENGINEER: The village engineer of the village of Oak Brook, Illinois, or his duly authorized representative as approved and designated by the village manager.
VILLAGE MANAGER: The village manager of the village of Oak Brook, Illinois, or his duly authorized representative as approved by village president with the advice and consent of the board of trustees.
WATERCOURSE: Any stream, creek, brook, branch, natural or artificial depressions, slough, gulch, wetlands, reservoir, lake, pond or natural or manmade drainageway in or into which storm water runoff and floodwaters flow either regularly or intermittently. (Ord. G-708, 12-10-2002)



1. See title 13 of this code.
1. See title 2, chapter 1 of this code.