Any permit may be revoked by the village after prior written notice in accordance with section 8-1-14 of this chapter to the permittee for:
   A.   When the application, plans or other supporting documents of a permit reflect a false statement or misrepresentation as to material fact; or
   B.   Violation of any provision of this title; or
   C.   Violation of any provision or condition of the permit; or
   D.   Violation of any applicable provision of this code or any other ordinance or law relating to the work or violation of any relevant county, state, or federal requirement; or
   E.   Existence of any condition or the doing of any act constituting or creating a nuisance or endangering the lives or property of others; or
   F.   Permittee's physical presence or presence of permittee's facilities or utility facilities on, over, above, along, upon, under, across, or within the public way presents a direct or imminent threat to the public health, safety, or welfare.
If the permittee fails to perform as required, the permit shall be revoked and written notice thereof shall be given to the permittee or his agent engaged in the work. Such notice shall be given either by personal delivery thereof to the permittee or his agent engaged in the work, by certified or registered United States mail addressed to the person to be notified, or by telefax and regular mail. (Ord. G-637, 7-13-1999; Ord. G-846, 11-13-2007)