A.   Statement; Delivery: Whenever the village determines that a default or violation has occurred in the performance of any term or condition of a permit or of any provision of this chapter, written notice thereof shall be given to the permittee or his agent engaged in the work. Such notice shall contain a statement of the default or violation, state the work to be done to cure the default or violation, the period of time deemed by the village to be necessary for the completion of such work (such time shall not be less than 2 days unless the default or violation is deemed by the village engineer to be an emergency in which case the work shall be accomplished immediately), that the permit will be revoked if the permittee fails to perform, and that the performance security will be forfeited if the permit is revoked. Such notice shall be given either by personal delivery thereof to the permittee or his agent engaged in the work, by certified or registered United States mail addressed to the person to be notified, or by telefax and regular mail. Thereafter, the permittee shall, within the time therein specified, cause the required work to be performed. If the permittee fails to perform within the allotted time, the village will take whatever action it deems necessary including revoking the permit.
   B.   Permittee Alternatives Upon Receipt Of Notice Of Violation: Upon receipt of a written notice of violation from the village, as provided in subsection A of this section, the permittee shall have the following options:
      1.   Immediately provide the village with evidence that no cause exists for the notice of violation; or
      2.   Immediately correct, to the satisfaction of the village, the deficiencies stated in the written notice, providing written proof of such correction to the village within five (5) working days after receipt of the written notice of violation; or
      3.   Immediately remove the work or facilities located on, over, above, along, upon, under, across, or within the public ways and restore the public ways to the satisfaction of the village providing written proof of such removal to the village within ten (10) days after receipt of the written notice of violation. (Ord. G-637, 7-13-1999; Ord. G-789, 1-10-2006; Ord. G-846, 11-13-2007)