A.   The Illinois Vehicle Code, 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes as amended from time to time, is hereby adopted by reference to be applied within the corporate limits of the Village of Oak Brook to the extent permitted by law.
   B.   All references in applicable sections of the Illinois Vehicle Code to "this Code" shall be to the applicable section of the Illinois Vehicle Code. References to a State employee or official may be to a corresponding Village employee or official where such reference is applicable or necessary. Any provisions of the Illinois Vehicle Code adopted herein may be cited by placing "7-1-100" before the appropriate Illinois Vehicle Code section, i.e., ordinance speeding is cited as 7-1-100-5/11-601, Village of Oak Brook Municipal Code.
   C.   The burden of proof for any offense classified as a "petty" offense or "business" offense of the Illinois Vehicle Code adopted herein shall be by a preponderance of the evidence. Offenses classified therein as "misdemeanor" offenses shall be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
   D.   Any provision of this chapter that is inconsistent with the Illinois Vehicle Code as adopted by reference herein, shall control and that inconsistent part of the Illinois Vehicle Code hereby adopted by reference is amended to make it consistent with the terms of this chapter. (Ord. G-642, 8-24-1999; Ord. G-745, 3-23-2004; Ord. G-752, 7-27-2004; Ord. G-801, 2-13-2006)