Except on the premises of a licensee holding a class G liquor license, the sale of alcoholic liquor in an outdoor area included in the licensed premises shall be permitted adjacent to premises licensed to sell alcoholic liquor for consumption on the premises, subject to the following conditions:
   A.   The outdoor area is delineated by an enclosure; and
   B.   The outdoor area is owned or leased by the licensee; and
   C.   The outdoor area is included as part of the regular food service business located on the licensed premises; and
   D.   Except as otherwise provided in section 4-1-16.8 and 4-1-16.9 of this chapter, access to the outdoor area is through the licensed premises, and no direct entrance to or exit from such area is permitted, except as required for emergency ingress and egress; and
   E.   The outdoor area is lawfully established pursuant to the zoning regulations 1 of the Village. (Ord. G-570, 5-14-1996; Ord. G-617, 8-25-1998; Ord. G-1138, 10-23-2018; Ord. G-1185, 8-24-2021)



1. See title 13 of this Code.